Alabama judge denies securitization trustee standing to foreclose

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trustees filed a foreclosure action in the circuit court. loan and all beneficial interest in the deed of trust as part of a securitized pool of mortgage loans. the presiding judge heard arguments on the Sharmas' motion and Venture Trust's.. court denied Venture Trust's motion to alter or amend the judgment.

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In Alabama, a Montgomery County judge has ruled that the trustee for a securitization. is two courts have denied third-party beneficiary status to borrowers on the PSA agreements while also.

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The trust and its servicers have no standing. judge in his decision states that for the mortgage loan in question in the case, a Countrywide employee testified that the mortgage note had never been.

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securitized in 2007, and Respondent Trustee had no authority to. The Judge of the Superior Court committed reversible error in not dismissing. standing to initiate the foreclosure and whether the Amended Complaint. which was subsequently denied by the Superior Court. CP 118.. North Alabama.

Two recent decisions by federal district court judges in the Northern District of Ohio have dismissed foreclosure actions filed by mortgage securitization trustees. standing at the time of the.

And that’s why this case is so big: the judge found the securitization of the horace loan wasn’t done properly, so the trustee. busted securitization prevents foreclosure by the trust that thinks.

Instead, her testimony was key to the judge’s ruling that Bank of America (BAC) couldn’t foreclose, and along the way DeMartini made two statements that called into question the securitization. the.

A trustee would pool the loans and sell the securities to investors, and the investors would get an annual percentage yield on their money. In order for the securitization. This was all done to.

SHABINA DESAI et al., Shabina and Yogesh Desai have avoided foreclosure for nearly a decade. belatedly securitized and the deed of trust was belatedly assigned.. appellants do not deny their default.. The argument that a defendant lacks standing to foreclose because of.. Henry J. Walsh, Judge.

Fascinating March 30 legal decision out of Alabama. el. The judge issued a summary judgment ruling (original motion is here), tossing out the foreclosure action due to lack of trustee standing:.