Bank of America lawsuit over AIG disclosure dismissed

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 · A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit against the Federal Reserve Bank of New York by a former bank examiner who claimed the Fed.

Allstate and Bank of America (BAC) dismissed a lawsuit that dealt with $700 million of toxic mortgage debt, agreeing to the dismissal of the action in its entirety.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Investors objecting to Bank of America Corp’s (BAC.N) $8.5 billion settlement of claims over losses on mortgage. including in a $10 billion lawsuit by the insurer American.

 · Bank of America did not “lose” the case, nor are they the parties that filed appeals. The appeals were filed by members of the settlement class who though the penalty for Bank of America should have been much higher – the $410 million is a drop in the bucket for the large bank.

Securities class action that alleged that should have disclosed threat by AIG to sue the bank over AIG’s mortgage-backed securities losses; court found that the bank’s statements were not misleading and that accounting standards did not require disclosure of the potential AIG lawsuit. In re Bank of America AIG Disclosure Securities.

Bank of America won the dismissal of a lawsuit, which accused the mega bank of concealing a $10 billion fraud case brought by AIG. Bank of America lawsuit over AIG disclosure dismissed | 2013-11.

 · The three employers involved are Lyft, State Farm Insurance and Bank of America. All three cases were dismissed by federal judges in California. The State Farm case claimed applicants were not given a copy of their rights under the FCRA. Bank of America was accused of not providing a written disclosure telling applicants about background checks.

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The class action lawsuit that alleged Bank of America violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by obtaining illegal background checks on applicants has been dismissed. Judge Consuelo B. Marshall found that the applicants had in fact signed a "clear and conspicuous" form authorizing Bank of America to run a consumer report on them.

The Second Circuit on Monday rejected an appeal by Bank of America Corp. shareholders seeking to revive a class action suit alleging the bank concealed its potential $10 billion liability for.