Elevate your underperformers

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a company is only as strong as its lowest-performing employees. At first, this analogy may appear to be an overreach-after all, how can one or even a handful of poorly performing workers affect the success of an entire organization? However, according to data from the Eagle Hill National Attrition Survey, low performers can

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If your employee personally asks you for a raise, definitely take that into consideration. They are most likely asking for a raise because they feel like they have done something to deserve one. Remember that gratified employees will have the incentive to perform better, which will help improve your company and keep everybody satisfied.

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If you cannot inspire your people and make sure everyone catches your vision, you’re bound to have some people who don’t seem to have logged in to your vision. Call these underperformers if you like, but had you taken the time to inspire them, it would have saved you all the groaning and moaning you’ve been doing about "they take so much of my.

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Say you have a chronic underperformer who is “one of the boys” and a regular golf buddy on weekends. It's tempting to forgive his missed.

And isn’t that true in your sales organization as well? If you’re like many inside sales teams, you’re constantly trying to get your underperformers to produce more, but how much real success do you have? Again, sad to say, many bottom 80% producers simply don’t improve that much and that’s why most companies are constantly hiring and replacing reps.

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