Look! This penthouse can be yours for half a billion dollars

If your ideal view is of the desert, then this Phoenix house offers killer views. For $1,199,900, you get the keys to this five-bedroom, 3 -bath, 4,312-square-foot home situated on nearly half.

At 2400 square feet, this townhouse is a pretty big size for New York City! And for $6000 per night, it can be yours. The townhouse has three floors, so you will have plenty of space to hang out in between excursions into New York City. You can fit six people in the house’s four bedrooms, so bring your whole family.

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Oprah is worth a staggering $3 billion, but this modest family home in Elmwood, Illinois, can be yours for less than half a million dollars. While we only have a record of her purchasing the house and not actually living in it, we think this 1940s brick house with a colonial vibe is still worth a look.

A mansion in this exclusive gated community can be yours for less than $5 million. Completely renovated and drenched in South Florida daylight, this home comes with a new pool and a spillover hot tub to relax in when you’re not lounging at your custom-built bar on the home’s wraparound terrace.

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Search for a real estate expert · Search for an interior design expert. For $475 million, Tour Odon's Sky Penthouse offers a giant infinity pool, private. For nearly half-a-billion dollars (give or take $25 million), the penthouse could be yours. (And by “yours,” we mean people on the Forbes Billionaires list.