More than half of US metros post higher foreclosure activity

Legacy foreclosures on loans originated between 2004 and 2008 represented 74 percent of all active loans in foreclosure in the District of Columbia, higher than any state with at least 100 active loans in foreclosure, followed by Hawaii (67 percent), New Jersey (58 percent), Massachusetts (58 percent), Florida (55 percent), and Nevada (55 percent).

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Every one expected higher. this done with more worry-free abandon than in the NYC metro. Take a look at these shocking new statistics that I have obtained from the NY State Division of Banking..

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The difference is even more stark in San Francisco, where the median home is worth 36.4 percent more than its pre-recession peak. Less than half, 45.7 percent, of homes in ZIP codes with high recession-era foreclosure rates have recovered their pre-recession peak value, compared to 95.6 percent of homes in low-foreclosure ZIPs – a 49.9 percentage point difference.

Illinois and Michigan – accounted for more than half of all foreclosure activity. Despite the recent increases, REOs in July were still less than half their peak of 102,134 in September 2010, but more than twice their pre-crisis average of 23,119 a month in 2005 and 2006.

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Arizona – accounted for more than half of all foreclosure activity.. is still expected to post a record levels of foreclosure activity. Here Are The US Metro Areas That Saw The Biggest Rises In Home Prices Last Year; Bismarck, North Dakota Topped Them All – But last-year prices recovered 4.5 percent, putting Vegas high on the list of home.

More than half of property foreclosures in the US now involve prime mortgages and the real estate market may not stabilize until 2011, it is claimed. The National Delinquency Survey from the mortgage bankers association shows that foreclosure activity was at an all time high in the first quarter of 2009.