NY Fed Study Debunks ‘Reverse Redlining’

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Mortgage discrimination or mortgage lending discrimination is the practice of banks, governments or other lending institutions denying loans to one or more groups of people primarily on the basis of race, ethnic origin, sex or religion.. Instances of mortgage discrimination occurred in United States inner city neighborhoods from the 1930s and there is evidence that the practice continues to a.

The New York Fed released a study this week concluding there is no evidence of adverse pricing based on borrowers’ race, ethnicity, or gender. While the study notes a couple of important caveats (including the inability to study points and fees), the core conclusion is remarkable in light of the "reverse redlining" and similar suits that have.

Reverse redlining is "the practice of extending credit on unfair terms" to communities that have been historically denied access to credit, predominantly on the basis of race.8 The term reverse redlining comes from the manner in which this newer practice builds off of and has been enabled by the older practice of "redlining," or.

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1. Had Bank of America taken note of these data, and anticipated that the Department of Justice would do so as well, the bank might well have refrained from the takeover because its assumption of Countrywide’s liability in this and other cases has made the purchase a financial blunder.

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Here’s the final tally on Fannie, Freddie credit risk-sharing in 2016 Servicers shares rise after strong JPM, Wells Fargo earnings The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed over 200 points after better-than-expected earnings reports from the likes of banks, such as J.P.Morgan and Wells Fargo. J.P. Morgan reported a rise in.Freddie Mac announced Tuesday that it closed out 2016 by obtaining an insurance policy that could cover a combined maximum limit of approximately $285 million of credit losses. Here are the details.

How to Decimate a City. Syracuse thought that by building a giant highway in the middle of town it could become an economic powerhouse. Instead, it got a bad bout of white flight and the worst.

NY Fed Study debunks ‘reverse redlining’ april 2, 2009. Paul Jackson. Did lenders target minorities with higher-cost loans, relative to their white counterparts? Consumer advocates have long.

RACE, SPACE, AND THE REPRODUCTION OF INEQUALITY. The historical link between institutional discrimination and racial residential segregation is well documented (Hirsch 1983; Massey and Denton 1993; Sugrue 1996) and has recently been extended to explain the disparate impact of the subprime mortgage crisis on blacks and whites (Rugh and Massey 2010).

Fed’s final push for HARP? Before the Home Affordable Refinance Program expires at the end of 2016, the Federal Housing Finance Agency is launching a major social media campaign to try and pull in the remaining 367,600 people.