Rocket docket return: Another weapon for foreclosure defense

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 · They are robo-signers.” ~ By Brady Dennis Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, October 15, 2010; 12:11 AM FORT LAUDERDALE – In a cramped, makeshift courtroom, Broward County Judge Victor Tobin was signing off on uncontested foreclosure cases as fast as a clerk could keep them coming, only a few seconds per file.

Foreclosure defense attorneys and other practitioners have found myriad reasons to get the courts to stop the rocket docket summary judgments, principally frauds foreclosure mill attorneys and their clients have perpetrated upon the courts and trustees.. MICHIGAN CONSUMER CREDIT LAWYERS.

Rocket docket refers to a court which disposes of cases quickly, cutting through. in Lee County Florida hearing up to 1000 foreclosure cases a day, consisting.

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Florida’s foreclosure courts have made almost no progress in clearing an overwhelming backlog of cases from their dockets despite a $4 million stipend awarded by lawmakers this year. As of Oct.

 · In the trenches: Trends in the judicial landscape as it relates to Florida foreclosures. ‘Rocket-Docket’ ends and the foreclosure housing law nightmare in 2015. Roy Oppenheim speaks about the end.

Beware of Fraudulent Phone Calls. Fraudulent phone calls are being reported where the caller claims to be calling from the Clerk’s office and wants to set up a location to meet to serve a subpoena.

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