Silver Bay Realty Trust CEO David Miller resigns

Silver Bay Realty Trust SBY. SBY.. Here’s How to Profit With American Homes 4 Rent and Silver Bay Realty.. David Miller, CEO. 88% Approve. Based on 9 Ratings. Powered by .

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Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp.: Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. Names Thomas Brock as Interim Chief Executive Officer.. David Miller Resigns as President and Chief Executive Officer. Top Company.

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Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. (SBY) has reported that their CEO, David Miller, has purchased company shares on March 4, according to GuruFocus Insider Buys. On March 4, CEO David Miller added.

[b]Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp (SBY) Reached the Three-Year Low of $18.93[/b] The prices of Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp (SBY) shares have declined to close to the three-year low of $18.93, which is 19.6% off the three-year high of $22.40. Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp is owned by seven Gurus we are tracking.

Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. Reports Insider Buys, Stocks: SBY, release date:Mar 05, 2013 Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. Reports Insider Buys – Home

View the executive profile of David N. Miller, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director at Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp., on Equilar BoardEdge to see current and past work history and gain access to David N. Miller’s network of 14 business contacts.

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From 2012 through 2016, Mr. Miller served as the Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. (NYSE: "SBY"), a leading firm in the single-family rental.

Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. Names Thomas Brock as Interim chief executive officer ronald Weiser Named Interim Lead Independent Director David Miller Resigns as President and Chief Executive.

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June 9 — Silver Bay Realty Trust CEO David Miller discusses the effect of the shift from buyers to renters with Alix Steel on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg) –Subscribe to Bloomberg on.

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