The robo-settlement impact on future foreclosures

President Obama is likely to talk about this in tonight’s State of The Union Address, but we’re not going to wait that long. With details of the proposed billion settlement with the nation’s largest banks over the robo-signing fiasco now out in the public eye thanks to the Associated Press, we feel a large sense of disappointment.

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 · Pay off other liens. Generally, a bank will accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure only if there are no other liens on the property, such as a second mortgage, mechanic’s lien, tax lien, etc. If you have other liens, your bank might give you a chance to pay them off and have them removed.

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The Robo-Settlement Impact on Future Foreclosures Posted on February 10, 2012 by marshfieldmatters Posted by Jessica Huseman on 2/9/12 at 5:09pm, The massive settlement announced Thursday between attorneys general and several big banks means a lot of money changing hands, but it also means big changes to the way lenders handle.

Beyond Robo-Signing: Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Basics Wendy Alison Nora, U.W. 1975, owns Access Legal Services in Madison and Minneapolis. She has practiced foreclosure defense and financial reorganization since 1985.

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The trickle down effect of foreclosure can also have a serious impact on your community. One foreclosure can ring up as much as $34,000 in local government agency bills. Trash removal, unpaid utilities, sheriff and police costs, inspections and potentially even demolition of the property all contribute to that cost.

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"It’s important for real estate investors and homebuyers to have a clear understanding of the foreclosure market, as past data and current trends can have a big impact on future decisions," said Simon.

 · Regulatory Settlement of Fraudulent Robo-Signing by Mortgage Servicing companies. posted september 30, 2011 by Bierce & Kenerson, P.C. · Print This Post. Like a well-designed software package, BPO services offer the advantages of process uniformity and standardization, scalability, speed to completion, predictability and transparency.

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The robo-settlement impact on future foreclosures.. it led to a lot of industry speculation as to what its future aspirations were related to the financing side of real estate transactions.